All of our services start with a complete inspection of your vehicle, documenting its condition and discussing any areas of concern or focus.  After the inspection, we'll partner with you to help you decide exactly what you want, set expectations, discuss the processes, and determine the total cost of the agreed upon services.  Please note: because every vehicle is different, we can't give exact prices over the phone or electronically, but estimates are always provided free. 

Our exterior services start with a thorough hand wash and sealant application using modern techniques and products. Pricing starts at $100 - dependent on the size and condition of the vehicle.  

Paint Correction removes swirls/scratches, holograms, oxidation, and marring using machines and fine abrasive compounds and/or polishes. It can take from a few to many hours depending on the vehicle size, intricacy of the panels, severity of defects, and level of correction desired. 

Ceramic coatings are the ultimate defense against the elements for your vehicle. We offer coatings for the exterior (paint, glass, trim, & metal) as well as the interior (leather & fabric).  We're your Kentucky Coating Specialists, featuring the Opti-Coat line of products. 

Our interior services start with a basic vacuum, debris removal, surface wipe-down, and glass cleaning. Pricing starts at $125 - dependent on the size and condition of the vehicle.   

New Car Preservation

It's much easier to preserve and maintain that showroom shine than it is to fix it later.  Unfortunately, even brand new cars usually need a little work due to improper care during transportation, storage, and poor dealership delivery processes.  Bringing your new car to us immediately is a best case scenario: allows us correct those minor defects and preserve the finish so that the vehicle looks like it's worth the hard earned money you paid for it for as long as possible.

Pre-Purchase Inspections

Looking at a used car? It's recommended you take the vehicle to an expert mechanic for a pre-purchase inspection. For those that care about the appearance of their vehicle, we offer the same service with a trained detailer's eye. Pricing starts at $50 for local inspections. 

Scratch & Chip Repair

It's inevitable that your car will experience rock chips and scratches that penetrate the clear coat. Not only are these unsightly, but exposed metal can lead to rust.  We can minimize the visibility of these defects and deter corrosion using modern sprayless touch-up methods

Headlight Restoration

Oxidized and cloudy headlights are not only an eyesore, but they're also a safety issue. We can recondition and restore most modern headlights to close to their new appearance. Pricing starts at $75.